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Ehsaas Programme Interest Free Loan For Pakistani Citizens

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Apply today and Get a first-time 100% interest free loan from Ehsaas Program an initiative from the Prime Minister of Pakitan for all the citizens of Pakistan who want to start their own businesses. This is a kind of help from the Government to the people in the shape of an interest-free loan.

We are sharing a step-by-step guide on:

  1. Checking the eligibility criteria for Ehsaas Programme Interest-free loan
  2. How To Apply for this loan?
  3. Who can apply for this loan?
  4. Who are not eligible for this loan?
  5. How much time it will take to receive the loan?
  6. What kind of businesses you can start with this loan?
  7. Some best small business ideas to start

Key Benefits of Ehsaas Programme Interest Free Loan

  1. People who are living below 40 poverty level are eligible to apply for this loan.
  2. The loan is funded by the Federal and Provincial governments.
  3. Can get PKR 20,000 to PKR 75,000.
  4. Women are also eligible to apply for this loan. 50% of the loan are allocated to women.
  5. Special attention will give to those who are skilled youth, disabled persons, the transgender community, Benazir Income Support Program, Zakat, and Bait-ul-Maal beneficiaries.

Who Are Eligible For This Loan?

  • The applicant must have a valid CNIC Pakistan National Identity Card
  • Age should be between 18-60 years.
  • The person should be a resident of any district where they will be entertained.
  • Should have a business plan, a previous business has to expand.

How and Where To Apply for Ehsaas Programme Interest Free Loan?

There are 22 partners for the Ehsaas Programme Interest-Free Loan from the Government of Pakistan. And the number of information centers are working in all cities and villages which you can find here and here.

How To Apply?

  1. Visit the nearest loan center
  2. Make sure that you are eligible for the loan
  3. Get a form and fill with all the correct information
  4. The concerned authority will visit your address to verify the details which you filled in the form.
  5. It will take 2-4 weeks to complete the process for verification.
  6. If everything goes right, you will get the free loan cheque by the concerned authority

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