How to Register for the BISP Program Through NSER? [LATEST UPDATED]

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Now citizens of Pakistan who want to register in the Ehsaas Program can register their name through NSER The National Social Security Registry. This procedure is introduced to make the registration process easy and quick. Before citizens needed to wait for months due to many pending applications. After starting registration via NSER the process becomes exceptionally smooth and quick. Applications are completed as soon as possible by the authorities.

All the application statuses can be checked online at the Ehsaas Tracking Portal which was built to check the live status of applications online.

BISP Program Benazir Income Support Program 2024

BISP Benazir Income Support Program has played a crucial role in helping the needy and poor families across Pakistan and still, people are getting funds under this program. Due to this aid program, many houses can eat three times a day. otherwise due to the high-inflation rate things become very expensive in Pakistan and become difficult to service for poor families.

Now with the collaboration with NSER, the registration process become smooth and it will be helpful for more needy families in Pakistan.

In this post, we are going to share the complete process of registration in the BISP Program through the NSER National Social Security Registry.

BISP NSER Registration Process 2024

The registration process is quite simple and similar to another registration process. This means you have to provide all the required information and documents that can prove you are eligible for the BISP Program. The online form should be duly filled, leaving any required field can be a reason for your form rejection.

How To Apply?

  1. Go to the official website here https://www.pass.gov.pk/Detail/NzAwYTI3NjAtOTNjYS00ZmU0LTk5OGEtYzBkYjA1NTdlZGQ1
  2. Read all the details if you are filling out the form first time to get all the information
  3. Fill out the form and submit it for review

You can also fill out this form via the NADRA official website.

To fill BISP Program form online via the NADRA website visit this link https://www.nadra.gov.pk/nser-bisp-initiative/. On this page, you can get all the important details that are required. Make sure you are sending the complete form with all valid and correct information. A small mistake from your side can cancel your application and you will receive the BISP Program funds.

How To Check BISP NSER Registration?

To Check the BISP NSER registration and confirm your registration follow the below steps.

  • Check Online: You can check the status online. We already shared all the information related to BISP Online Check in our previous guides.
  • Visit BISP Center: You can also visit the nearest BISP center and check your application status.

Required Documents For BISP NSER Registration

  • A valid CNIC
  • B-Form

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