BISP is Much More Than Just Giving Away Cash Handouts

Sharing Is Caring

BISP (Benazir Income Support Program) is not only a welfare program but a program that is all about love, care, and respect. However, it is working day and night to provide financial assistance and make things easier for the people of our country.

Recently Dr Amjad Saqib, the largest Islamic microfinance programme in the world, as well as a social entrepreneur and development specialist. Last Friday, the interim federal government was selected by President Arif Alvi as the chairperson of BISP and he has said that BISP is all about Love, not charity.

Dr. Amjad Saqib has stated about the program that:

Dr. Amjad promised BISP staff that he would work to change public perceptions of the welfare system. The BISP chairperson expressed his concern over the fact that millions of kids in Pakistan lack access to education.

He has also highlighted the importance of basic rights such as education and called it a game-changer.
He continued by saying that ensuring that every child in Pakistan receives an education is a matter of national, social, and religious responsibility.

Dr. Amjad urged the BISP staff to be guardians of this honorable mission and to launch a movement and struggle for a society that has undergone reform.

According to the BISP chairperson, 9.3 million families profited from the initiative which was based on the values of responsibility, brotherhood, and humanity.

Sharing Is Caring

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